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1 - Frontline and support of machine guns

by Alain Gauthier

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Translated by Nathalie GAUTHIER

  • Here, facing the quarries that have existed since age-old times, a "workshop" for machine guns was settled down.
  • Led by the instructors, the soldiers drew a hypothetical example of two lines intended to receive artillery trench as machine guns.
  • They created 17 sites for receiving death machines and their servants, one to the right and one to the left for food and the shooter back to center, on the top of the rounded space.
  • The first line and its support one were connected by connecting hoses.
  • In front of the line, we can see ditches of evacuation for stormwater that allowed the "blue"* soldiers not to be in the mud as it happened on the real front line.

* popular name for a soldier in France during the First World War, referred to the color of his uniform

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