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11 - Individual holes for fighters

by Alain Gauthier

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Translated by Nathalie GAUTHIER

Built of trench.

One of the most primitive and essential elements of this area, which was used for military training.

  • Every human work has a beginning and an end. In the area occupied by soldiers we can see many finished works that have been made for a particular target.
  • It is also very touching to see one incomplete work that can serve as an example. This is the case of this broken line, which is about 50 m long and shows about 25 positions. In the presence of the enemy, every soldier had to be able to protect himself in order to fight further "behind any clod of earth".
  • The course gives examples of simple individual facilities that are established for two comrades in arms from a lying position. The chief has allotted to each a place so that everyone at the end receives a fighting stance, which is adapted to a particular direction. Starting from the prone position of gunman, each soldier, equipped with his own rifle, starts to dig among himself and throw the earth so that he can form a kind of protective hills against the supposed enemy.
  • We presume that many soldiers came here to learn and practice this kind of “war of buried”
  • Please note that as you move towards the path at the edge of the forest, you will encounter another line with a more advanced construction.

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